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I don’t have a cowl

Cowls are very useful items that fix to the chimney pot and either stop rain or vermin or both from entering your chimney. If you have a wood burning or solid fuel stove installed and you don’t have a cowl protecting your flue from water damage and bird / squirrel nesting you could be putting your home at risk.

It is not actually a legal requirement yet, but it seems obvious that a barrier between the natural world and your expensive wood-burner installation is needed. The delay in making it part of building regulations seems to be because users of wood-burning stoves forget to get their chimneys cleaned regularly and in the past have burnt unseasoned wood and household rubbish. This causes tar and creosote to form in the chimney flue which just like the bird or squirrel nest can cause a chimney fire or block the chimney causing carbon monoxide to silently fill the house.

At GTD Installations Ltd we like to make sure that our customers have a cowl with mesh attached and remind them them yearly that they should arrange a chimney sweep and have the stove checked over.
To book your chimney sweep online visit: chimneysweep.info/diary

chimney cowling with mesh to stop vermin and rain entering the chimney