Can I get it cheaper?

We sometimes get asked this question and there will always be another company who can do it cheaper than us. We take pride in our work and our existing customers will vouch for that. They are the ones that have recommended us to friends and family so we must be doing something right!

What we ask our customers to think about is how long the cheaper parts that they are purchasing will last. Yes, you may be able to save money now and not have to wait any longer for your lovely wood burning stove but if your liner degrades faster because it has not been tested at realistic temperatures, then you could find that you are having to replace it within 3 to 5 years.

You could save money on the cowling and buy mild steel instead of stainless, but again, once open to the elements and soot, this kind of steel will soon need replacing. The cowl is usually how the liner is held securely in place, so once the cowl deteriorates the fixings could release the liner so that it drops and gets damaged along the way. A damaged cowl could allow birds and vermin to nest in your flue (they like it warm) and this could pose a serious health risk if the fumes can’t escape properly.

That’s why we use HETAS approved flexible liner and associated parts which come with a life expectancy of around 20 – 35 years. We also won’t recommend 316/316 liner if we think you are likely to burn smokeless fuel. With the banning of regular house coal in May 2021 customers will be forced to burn smokeless coal on their multifuel stoves, much of which contains acidic particles ( that create acid rain ) that can eat through a 316/316 liner in a matter of years.

You could save money by excavating the opening yourself and ordering and fitting the hearth before we come. When doing this remember to arrange for your free survey when your work is complete, otherwise we will need to revisit to check what you have done. If the opening is not large enough or is unsafe, we will then have to delay your installation possibly by weeks, as our calendar will only have allowed for the one visit, and more may be needed to correct the work, which will certainly incur more labour costs.
The same goes for the hearth. If it is not the correct size, thickness or material as required by building regulations, we will not be able to continue until a new hearth is fitted and we will still have to charge for the wasted day.

Also, think about whether you want to use a company that is not registered with HETAS. If you do this you will have to liaise with building control to obtain planning permission beforehand and to have the installation checked when complete. You will be using people who have not been through the HETAS training and inspection process and have no guarantee that they will leave you with a safe installation. They also may not be around in a few months time to correct any teething troubles you may have or faults with the parts of appliance. The same is true of any installation company so choosing a firm registered at Companies House who are VAT registered with a minimum of £2 million in public liability insurance, and who have over 20 years experience, has got to put your mind at ease.

Toes warming by a woodburner

Offering reliable workmanship, quality products, excellent advice and solid experience at a fair price. We acknowledge that we are not the cheapest but we aim to still be around in 10 years time, along with the products we recommend and trust.

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