Is smokeless fuel ok to burn?

Smokeless fuels used to be recommended only for people living in Smoke Exempt Areas. This was because pure anthracite coal is very clean burning and produces little smoke. Unfortunately it’s a finite resource and is rapidly running out and so increases in price every year. Coal producers found a solution to this by mixing it with other products to make it cheaper whilst still producing less smoke. For this reason we have always recommended avoiding smokeless coal where possible. However now that the government has banned the sale of regular house coal, you may be finding it difficult to buy anything other than smokeless coal to burn in your multifuel stove. If you feel you must buy it then opt for pure anthracite and not the manufactured coal, as this is much much cleaner burning.

Note that although your stove is designed to burn coal and wood, your liner may not be up to the acidic gases that smokeless coal produces and thus you may find your liner degrading more quickly than expected. Check that your liner is 316/904 or 904/904 before purchasing smokeless coal as it is a better grade of steel and will last longer in the acidic environment of your flue. If your liner is 316/316 then opt for burning seasoned wood only when your supply of house coal ends.

To help prolong the life of your liner you should get your chimney swept every year, at least once and more often if you burn wood on a daily basis throughout the year. It’s very important to get it swept when you have finished using it for the year, around Springtime or the start of Summer. This is when the sulphuric acid and nitric acid are left to sit in your liner for the summer period, and these are perfect conditions for corrosion.

It can be difficult to remember to have your chimney swept in the warmer months, so maybe set a reminder in your calendar now and protect your installation as best as you can.

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To buy wood/ logs in our area try the following suppliers

Phillip Allen (Tree Surgeon in Arlesey) Call 01462 834411 to arrange for a delivery of logs to your house.

Mr Goddard in Pirton. Call 01462 712692 for logs and kindling delivered to your door.