Do I need a Carbon Dioxide Alarm?

The answer to this is easy; NO. If there was such a thing it would be going off all the time! If you are referring to a Carbon Monoxide Alarm (CO) then YES burning fuel inside your home can give off this deadly gas and for a small squeeze on your wallet, you could save your life.

If you have a woodburner or multi-fuel stove it is a legal requirement and your chimney sweep may condemn your installation without one. Consequently all our quotes include a FireAngel CO9D. Visit our shop to purchase one.

If you have an open fire; it is not yet a legal requirement but is advisable.

Positioning is also important. Some customers ask for us to fix the alarm in a place out of site, but unfortunately for these people, there are strict guidelines as to where the equipment should be. Please see the diagram below if you are unsure if your alarm is installed properly.