How often should I get my chimney swept?

It really depends on what you will be burning and what kind of appliance you have, as to when it will next need sweeping.

For Open fires without a chimney liner burning;

  • Smokeless fuel or seasoned wood;  sweep once every year
  • Bitumous coal; sweep every 3 months when in daily use. 

For Oil or Gas fires;  sweep once every year

For Multifuel stoves, Log burners or open fires, with a liner or twin wall pipe, burning;

  • Smokeless fuel;   sweep once every year when you stop using your fire for the Summer. Avoid if not in Smoke controlled area. This will help prolong the life of the stainless steel in the liner or twin walled pipe.
  • Seasoned wood only; sweep when you stop using your fire for the Summer and then after three months when you start using it every day. For example; June and January and April. (Less in a warm year)
  • Bitumous Coal; sweep when you stop using your fire for the Summer and then half way through the burning season. Usually; June and January.

Please note that these guidelines assume that you are using your fire or multifuel stove every day throughout the colder months.


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