How long to remove a birds nest from my chimney?

A simple straightforward sweep of a regular sized chimney takes around half an hour. Sometimes however customers have birds nests blocking their chimneys. These are not the small circular birds nests that you see in trees in your garden and on Easter cakes. The birds create these nests by filling the chimney stack (6 metres or so) with twigs, moss and other debris to cement it together. Once the chimney is full enough to their liking they then build a smaller nest within the twigs in which they lay eggs. It can take up to 90 minutes to clear the chimney and make it safe to use, and for this we charge a little extra. We will however leave you the twigs that are removed as they often make excellent kindling for your fire.

Remove a birds nest from chimney      Massive birds nest


To avoid this problem have a bird guard fitted or netting fixed to the top of the chimney pots. More about bird guards …..