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What does Eco-design ready mean?

It’s a very complicated market out there at the moment with companies phasing out current models to replace them with Eco-design ready ones.

There is no legal requirement at the moment to purchase the Eco-design ready models but obviously its better for the environment. We currently don’t foresee fines for people with non-compliant stoves but it will become illegal to install a non-compliant stove after 2022, and who knows what will happen in the next decade?

This will put an end to the second-hand market for a while, but customers will still be able to use their existing installed appliances.

There are very small differences between DEFRA approved stoves and the new Eco-design ready ones, that’s why GTD Installations have been recommending DEFRA approved ones for the last couple of years but we now are offering the Eco-design ready stoves in our quotations.

This Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen is what I have in my own house but it was installed before the Eco-design ready model was released. We can thoroughly vouch for its good looks and amazing heat output and at a reasonable price too! We won’t be looking for a new stove for a long time!