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Our winters are getting more and more miserable, the Whooper swans are now visiting from Russia and this Winter is predicted to be the coldest Winter since 2010. You can keep warm and save money; burning wood rather than gas or electric. 

A typical installation usually takes place over three days. If you are keeping your old hearth then this can be reduced to two days and one if the builders opening is already formed. It differs from house to house and stove to stove. The only real way to get an accurate idea of how much installing a log burner will cost is to get an engineer round to complete a survey. Using a HETAS registered engineer means that you do not need to apply for planning permission or have your installation checked by the Council. 

“a reliable and affordable service” – Mr Singh in Beds

First Steps

Measure your opening and start looking for log burners, there are lots of websites to browse and good deals can be found. Take a trip to your local showrooms and see the stoves up close. If you are installing a log burner particularly to save money on fuel bills, then look for a stove with a high efficiency rating as this will burn hotter for longer and thus use less fuel.

Check that the ones you like are smaller than the opening in your chimney, or if you have a gas fire or blocked off chimney book your free survey and we will estimate the size of stove you require for you. Measure your room dimensions and either use an online calculator to work out the heat output that you will need from your stove or work it out yourself.


Decide on the stype of stove that you require; woodburning only, multifuel, DEFRA approved, free standing or inset stove. This will help you narrow down your search and save countless browsing hours. (If you find it hard to imagine how it will look send us a picture and we will photoshop it for you)

Contact us for a free survey and quote
Contact us for a free survey and quote
Contact us for a free survey and wood burner quote


Decide whether you want to change your hearth (if you already have one) and if so what material you would like it to be. All installations have to have a hearth for the stove to sit on, to protect the flooring from any hot debris. Be practical and remember that tiles crack, grout deteriorates, slate chips off and wood is a definite no-no.

Granite and marble are very durable and look amazing. Glass is also becoming more and more popular these days. Also think about what you want around the stove. Get some ideas from our surrounds, hearths and mantels page, then take a look on the internet and in showrooms for fireplaces, surrounds and mantels until you know what you like and then call us to arrange a survey on 01462 671555.


We will send you a quote within 3 days. Once you are sure that you know what you want and that everything that you want is on the quote, we will book you in. There is usually a 3-4 week wait but in the months before Christmas this can be 6-8 weeks, so book early.  We will send an email reminder when your installation date is approaching.

On the day we arrive we ask that you clear the area around the fireplace ready for us to work in. Once the install is complete we recommend that you avoid large fires for a week or two to allow the sealants and adhesives involved to dry slowly and thoroughly. Your HETAS certificate will be left with you on the day or posted to you a few days later.

Call us to arrange a free quotation survey today on 01462 431910 or email gareth@chimneysweep.info

Free Quotations apply within 15 miles of Hitchin, Herts. Further distances are subject to a travelling fee, which will be refunded if the quotation is accepted. Quotes are valid for 90 days. 

Installing a Log Burner

Find woodburners that fit your builders opening

Find hearths and surrounds

Wait for your quote and installation date

1. Measure Opening and Room

2. Calculate stove output needed

3. Decide on stove type

4. Browse shops or online

5. Decide on stove

1. Measure hearth

2. Decide on hearth material

3. Browse shops or online

4. Decide on surround finish

5. Arrange survey for quote

1. Book installation appointment

2. Get ready for winter

3. Enjoy new stove and fireplace

Heat Output Needed = (Room width x Room length x room height) divided by 12


Size of stove = You can't fill the whole chimney opening with a stove; measure the space accurately allowing for a 10cm gap or more all round.  Check with the manufacturers specifications before purchasing.

Efficiency Rating = Open fires are around 15% efficient and will burn more logs than stoves which range from 70% to 85% efficient. This means more heat and less logs used.

"they work so hard to make it right and it looks beautiful, very happy" - Julie in Cottered

Frequency of sweeping = Burning wood produces 'thicker' soot than coal and thus Woodburners need sweeping more often than stoves burning coal alone. Multifuel stoves can burn both.