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Inset or Cassette Stoves

These appliances are set into the wall so that there is no gap around them. A little like your TV screen. They sometimes need a direct air feed and can be less efficient at heating the room than a free-standing model. Not as ubiquitous as other types of woodburning stove, but look stunning and are a popular choice amongst our customers. See our most popular inset stoves.


Double Sided stoves

If you have two fireplaces in two different rooms that are back to back, you can open up both sides and utilise the one stove to heat both rooms. Depending on the size of your opening you may require a single or double length stove.

In the gallery you will find different inset, cassette and double-sided stoves that we have installed. Any prices shown are rough guides and include VAT.


Manufacturer Website Links 

Hunter: based in Devon, UK  
based in Exeter, UK  
based in Dorset, UK


Inset & Double Sided

"It really has given the room a lovely focal point and many evenings are spent relaxing"- Paul in Stevenage

Inset / Cassette Stoves

Inset Stove Installation Details

This gorgeous SIA ready, widescreen inset stove sits seemlessly into the chimney cavity. A granite hearth was installed and 904 / 904 chimney liner connected as the customer likes to burn smokeless fuel. A small granite hearth was fitted below to catch any falling embers as required by building regulations. Cost around £4300

Stovax Elise 680 Glass

Size: 680 mm x 550 mm x 395 mm

Output: 7kW

Fuel: Wood or Coal [no extra kit needed]

Smoke: Can be used in Smokeless Zones

SIA Ready: Yes

Boiler: No 

Material: Steel

Efficiency: 79%


Woodburner and multifuel stove installation gallery
Questions about installation of a double sided or inset burner
Stovax Riva Inset Multifuel Stove
Ekol Clarity Double Sided High Stove 14kW

Installation Details

This pretty brick-lined firebox with granite hearth contrasts the white rendered walls and contemporary double sided stove with log store. Installed with 316 flexible liner this logburner will heat both rooms either side. Cost around £2000 [stove supplied by customer]

Ekol Clarity Double Sided High Stove

Size: 625mm x 815mm x 515mm

Output: 14kW

Fuel: Wood and coal can be burnt [no extra kit needed]

Smoke: Yes - suitable for Smoke Controlled Areas

SIA Ready: No [Starts 2022 -  Visit SIA website]

Boiler: No 

Material: Steel

Efficiency: 73.3% 

Job Details

This highly efficient inset stove was installed 4 years ago and is still going strong. The granite hearth and slips make this inset stove shine in its setting. The natural finish oak beam helps to finish off the installation beautifully. Cost around £2600

Stovax Riva 50 Inset stove

Size: 632mm x 599mm x 350mm

Output: 7kW

Fuel: Multi-fuel

Smoke: Yes [with extra SE kit]

SIA Ready: No [Starts 2022 - Visit SIA website]

Boiler: No [Not able to add to your central heating]

Material: Steel

Efficiency: 83%

Double Sided Burners
Hunter Hawk Double Sided Single length stove with two doors

Fitting Details

A unique brick fireplace with tiled hearth that looks amazing with the double sided single length Hunter multi-fuel stove. Installed with 316 flexible liner into the existing opening. Made in England, this stove heats both sides of the room without a problem. Cost around £2750.

Hunter Hawk 4 Woodburner

Size: 396mm x 553mm x 448mm

Output: 6kW

Fuel: Wood and coal can be burnt [multi fuel kit needed]

Smoke: Not suitable for Smoke Controlled Areas

SIA Ready: No [Starts 2022 - Visit SIA website]

Boiler: No

Material: Steel 

Efficiency: 72.7% [similar to SAI Ecodesign stoves]

What's involved in a double sided woodburner installation
Coal for your inset stove delivered to your door

“A huge thank you for great job on the inset stove. You were a pleasure to have here" - Victoria in Herts