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How to light a wood-burner

We are often asked how to light a fire in a wood-burning or multi-fuel stove and so decided to share with you how it is done in our house. If you think that your way is better, we would love to hear from you!

Old Bills burn great and personal details destroyed also

After cleaning out the grate and the ash pan, I screw up lots of pieces of paper from the recycling bin. Paper is great for warming the flue in Winter and helps to reduce any down-draft by warming the cold air trapped in flue in the chimney.

Fluff from the tumble dryer filter

Then I add some lint from the tumble dryer. It’s surprisingly flammable and free!

paper, lint and twigs are a good base for your fire

Next, lots of small twigs or chopped up wood as kindling, leaving the lint showing. Try to leave space so that there’s lots of air to help the fire ‘breathe’.

Light the paper in a few places and quickly close the door. Make sure that the air holes are fully open on the stove and wait. Find a light log from your seasoned wood pile ready to place on in a few minutes. Remember to use a heat resistant glove as it will be hot in there.

All done. Check that you have filled your log basket and relax. Keep your eye on your stove thermometer and make sure that you keep the fire burning at the optimum temperatures, to avoid sooting up the flue. Remember to check that your Carbon Monoxide Detector is working regularly and enjoy!

Stove pipe thermometers help you burn fuel safely

No smoke should come back into the room when the door is closed, if it does pay careful attention to how and where it is coming out of and then close down the air control to starve the fire of air to make it go out.

Do not open the door and do not throw water on it. Arrange for a chimney sweep to visit and check over the stove.

Our number is 01462 671555 or book a sweep online at our website www.chimneysweep.info/diary

If you would like to purchase a stove pipe thermometer or carbon monoxide detector visit our online shop here: https://gtdstore.ecwid.com/

Nice and toasty!