Whats that funny smell?

When your stove is new and you light it for the first time, it may give off a funny smell for a short time. This is nothing to worry about but if you start to notice any tar like substances forming on the window or in the stove, you may be using the stove incorrectly. Always make sure you read through the instruction manual for you stove and keep it in a safe place.

If you have lost yours, try searching for it on the internet or visit the manufacturers website. Here are a few links;

Arada stoves

Dovre stoves

Hunter Documentation 

oregon operating instructions

Arizona 8kW Oregon Multifuel Stove


Do I need a flexible liner?

Modern chimneys tend to have liners built into them and so could save you the cost of having a liner fitted. Older properties however do not and in both cases the integrity of the brickwork will need checking by carrying out a smoke test, before deciding either way. This can take up to two hours depending on the size of your property and is chargable. A liner is required by building regulations to create a physical connection from your stove to the top of the chimney.

More about flexible liner installation

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