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Once you have your wood burner in place you will need to consider whether the area around it, commonly known as the Fireplace surround, will need sprucing up also. You can have a surround fitted and / or a bespoke hearth cut to size, slips and mantels.


The fireplace surround frames your fire or woodburner, it is a beautiful centrepiece for the room and provides a shelf for displaying your favoutrite items on. It is more traditional known as the mantelpiece. They come in many different materials, such as wood, limestone, marble and plaster and at many different prices.

We can remove the old and fit a surround for you. We can supply and fit or just install one that you have purchased.

Featured Surrounds


Cost Around £450

Oak Surround

This surround fitted is of oak with a natural finish and tiled hearth. The inside of the builders opening is bare brick and rendered on the sides. Cost quoted is for the surround fitting only.

Cost Around £300

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Marble Surround

This white marble surround is fitted beautifully around the multifuel stove. The slips and hearth are black granite and were bespoke. Price shown is for the fireplace surround fitting only.

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A new Fireplace

Surrounds Fitted

The hearth is the area underneath the stove and directly in front of it.

In traditional fireplaces the hearth will be in two pieces. One to fit in the recess under the stove and a larger one that protrudes into the room. The purpose of a hearth is to catch any hot debris that may fall out of the fire and thus protect any flooring or carpet and potentially stop a house fire.


A hearth is required by law unless the surface that the stove is sitting on meets building regulations.


Suitable materials for hearths are granite, marble, stone, tiles, precast concrete.


Featured Hearths

Cost: Around £250

Tiled Hearth

This modern tiled hearth prtects the sleek oak flooring and was created with fireproof hearth tiles. The old hearth was removed and the area cleaned before laying these ceramic tiles.

Cost: Around £330

Granite Hearth

Formed by the crystallization of magma below Earth's surface. Granite contains quartz, feldspar, mica, amphiboles, and other minerals. Each piece is unique and has a sparkle effect when viewed in light


Slips are used to cover the area between the surround and the builders opening where the stove sits rather than rendering or plastering the area.


Slip sets comprise of 3 rectangular pieces that are usually made to measure for the wall area around your stove. They are usually the same colour and made of the same material as the hearth but not always.


Suitable materials for slips are granite, stone, limestone and marble. The area could also be rendered or tiled depending on your preference.

Featured Slips

Cost: Around £300


Slate can contain abundant quartz and small amounts of feldspar, calcite, pyrite, hematite, and other minerals and is a lovely natural finish for a fireplace

Cost: Around £280

Granite Slips

Whether polished or honed, granite makes a lovely hardwearing and easy to clean finish for your fireplace and wood burning stove installation


“looks amazing” – Rebecca in Hitchin

A mantel shelf provides a handy shelf above your fireplace whilst keeping the it simple and minimilist.The top part of a mantelpiece takes the fireplace into a modern era whilst negating the expense of having a surround fitted.

Mantel shelves are usually made of oak but are availble in other woods and even pre-cast stone. They are usually the same length as the hearth is wide and have a rough and rustic texture and float above the fireplace.


They can also be made of different materials such as precast stone.

Mantel Shelf

Marble Surround fitted with granite hearth
Oak fireplace surround installation
Granite Hearth fitted

Cost: Around £125

Granite Surrounds fitted
Riven slate for a natural look

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