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Dreaming of a wood burner? 

GTD installations Ltd are a multi-fuel and wood burning stove installer based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. We have had experience with chimneys and fireplaces since 1991 and became a HETAS registered installer regulated for fitting wood burning stoves, log burners, pellet stoves and multifuel / solid fuel appliances since 2013. 

If you dream of spending your autumn and winter months relaxing by the fire, warmed by the flames, whilst burning a carbon neutral fuel and saving money on your heating bill; then we can help you.

How to choose?

There are many manufacturers, suppliers, fuel types, appliances and engineers to choose from. We understand that it's a confusing world of websites, showrooms and technical jargon. We can help you find your dream stove, uncover your original rustic fireplace or design a stylish twin-wall system for your home.  

We avoid using the cheapest stoves and parts on the market; as we believe that your installation should be built to last as well as look good. Visit our new website at logburnerinstallation.uk

Log burner ban!
Log burners are cleaner burning than open fires and bonfires. The government would have to ban open fires in homes before it could ban wood burners in homes. All forms of heating, be it gas, oil, elcetric, wood or solid fuel, come with an environmental cost but we need heating to stay alive. New housing in Scotland will be built with energy saving technology and won't need additional heating, unless you have a unreliable electricity supply, and then you can have a wood burner. Read our response to the latest articles in the press regarding Clean Air Day and the supposed banning of log burners here